Sunday, January 15, 2017

UFO Hidden In Cloud Over Moscow On Oct 7 2009, Moscow UFO News.

I like that Moscow UFO cloud. What really amazes me is the freeway lights & highway beneath that looks so much like the freeways in the U.S.A. I find it so hard to believe that we were almost ready to nuke each other in September of '62. I know, humans unite to give our lawmen & women better driving surfaces. Now that's a peaceful thought. < Don't worry eatli ..oops..earthlings, we're in control of his human form. He only types what we allow.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Alien Coin Discovered That Baffles Scientists Around The World, UFO Alien News.

5. Alien Coin 

On the off chance that this coin can some way or another demonstrate life on another planet or that it was utilized by extraterrestrials, it could worth more than every one of the coins on this rundown joined! Scientists have discovered baffling coins consistently however this one here has created much interest among the UFO fans who've seen it. Obviously, doubters will make a hasty judgment immediately and call it a trick, yet consider the possibility that it's definitely not. This was evidently found amid a house remodel in Egypt. One side has the head of what resembles the dark types of outsider while the rear appears to resemble a spaceship floating around. The engraving on the back has the latin expression Opportunus Adest, which means it's here in due time. 

4. Somewhat English Saxon Coin Discovery 

What might you do in the event that you can over some old coins that made you a mogul all the while? That may make you reevaluate whenever you consider ridiculing somebody at the shoreline with those metal finders. A man named Paul Coleman, a beginner treasure seeker unearthed a noteworthy revelation in the town of Buckinghamshire, in 2015. He gathered an extraordinary 5000 silver coins that were made at some point between 978 AD-1035 AD and amid the run of King Canute. These were found around 2 feet under soil and were in unblemished condition. This was one of the biggest Anglo Saxon coin disclosures in history and he simply topped off packs brimming with them! This presented to him a genuine payday of 1 million pounds or 1.2 million dollars. On the off chance that this unemployed British man can do it, so would you be able to! It isn't so much that abundantly contrasted with some different ones were going to show you. 

3. Tomares Coin Discovery 

Development specialists who were laying channels in a recreation center in Spain ran over a momentous revelation. They figured out how to uncover over a half ton of Roman coins going once more from the third and fourth century AD. Pressed inside antiquated amphora, were a large number of unused bronze and silver covered coins that archeologists accept were utilized to pay government employees and warriors. Who knew laying channel could be so fulfilling! It's trusted that they were printed only preceding being put away in the amphora. The coins were firmly examined and they appear to hold up under pictures of Constantine and Maximian who were both rulers of Rome. Constantine joined the warring parts of the Roman realm and proclaimed his new cash-flow to be Constantinople or present day Istanbul. These coins were issued over the Roman Empire and consequently, into Spain. 

2. Dash for unheard of wealth Coins 

A greatly fortunate couple hit the bonanza when they unearthed a noteworthy find on their property in 2013. Northern California was home to the gold rush and so much gold was revealed right now that somebody found the need to stash it. As they were strolling their canine, they discovered 10 million dollars worth of uncommon, mint-condition coins covered beside a tree. Each of the 1427 piece treasure dated from 1847 to 1894 was validated by the prime supporter of Professional Coin Grading Service of Santa Ana, David Hall. What's more, they all look at as bona fide! Some are rare to the point that they could really get a cost of 1 million each! Also, you thought unearthing a 20 dollar charge made you fortunate! 

1. Jersey Iron Age Coins 

A lot of coins were found on the Island of Jersey in 2012 and it might stun you This island in the English Channel that contains a lot of French and English culture additionally contained an enormous fortune. Subsequent to hunting down this fortune for a long time, two beginner treasure seekers found these coins that go back to Iron Age. Be that as it may, no, these weren't made of iron however silver and was the biggest pull of celtic coins to have ever been found. Every coin you find in this current individual's hand is worth no less than 200 pounds each. This makes the aggregate disclosure worth 10 million pounds or 12 million US dollars. They were found under 3 feet of soil under a fence in somebody's ranch. The coins were stuffed in a dirt mid-section and actually measured a ton! It's trusted that it was stashed here to keep the Romans from pillaging it amid their success of the British Isles.

Monday, September 5, 2016

UFO on Radar - Russian ATC and Pilot chatting, claim heard an alien language. Amazing News.

Alien Sound - In Russia recorded videos that sound alien landed on earth on March 2nd, 2011 the existence of aliens is expected to be on the coast of Siberia.

The air traffic control in the territory of Yakutsk, Russia, claiming to hear the hum of UFOs (unidentified flying object) and voice suspected alien women.

But after listening more carefully by the official voice sound more like cats mating.

loaded the Daily Mail, Wednesday, March 2, 2011, initially, a mysterious object suddenly into the air above the radar monitors the Yakutsk region. From radar records note that the object was flying at speeds over 6,000 mph or 9,656 kmph and quickly change direction in the morning sky.

Objects suspected UFO was recorded at an altitude of 64,895 feet or 19,780 meter (more than 19 km) above sea level and could interfere with flight frequencies.

In this alien video footage, sound flight controllers tried to make contact with the UFO.

Meanwhile, the recording is also visible, radar showed the UFO was moving quickly in the air, when the aircraft moves around more slowly.

In that incident, automatic air control officer called the UFO as '00000 'because it did not have the flight number.

The recording has been uploaded, but it is still not clear when the images in the footage was taken. Airfields footage does not show the presence of snow. Yet eight months of the year Yakutsk snow, with temperatures at night to minus 36 degrees Celsius.

There has been no official explanation about this incident from the airport. Meanwhile, some experts claim, it is common knowledge that UFOs have made contacts and even landed on Earth, but details not revealed to the public.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Alien fish 1 m long found on the surface of Mars, why does NASA continued to deny the existence of alien life? World news.

Location: Mars, SOL 1290

This photo is of a fish on Mars. The fish is about 1 m long and about 6 inches wide. The fish looks like a modern day seven found here on earth. But this is not earth, this is Mars. Therefore this petrifying fish found on the surface of Mars is 100% proof that alien life exists. We don't need NASA defined alien life, all we need to do is analyze their photos with a group of experts and we will quickly come to the conclusion that NASA has been lying to the public for decades. Push the play button on this video below and see it for yourself or click the source photo in the above link. The truth is one click away.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

LEAKED: Best Ever Alien Evidence Released, Navy Inside Info, UFO And Alien World News.

Remarkable images revealing several bizarre UFOs have been hailed as the best ever evidence of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth. The images taken by a Navy submarine crew onboard the USS Trepang purport to show numerous extraterrestrial vehicles entering and exiting the ocean. UFO researcher Alex Mistretta claims that the images were originally sent to him by an anonymous source in Europe.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

UFO Case Review - Tehran UFO Incident, 1976, Video, Alien And UFO Disclosure News.

Although anomalous sightings amongst police and military personnel are relatively common, one case in particular serves to shatter the myth that trained observers don't see UFOs. The incident occurred in September 1976, over Tehran, the capital city of Iran, when multiple jet fighters were scrambled to intercept a strange, luminous object seen outside the city. The ensuing events left a thorough paper trail that eventually worked its way into the hands of American Intelligence officials. The comparatively transparent investigation that took place in Iran is a shining example of what can be accomplished when UFO research is not hindered by ridicule, incredulity, and government secrecy. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

STRANGE Alien Sphere Discovered in Backyard In Florida, Family Disappears, Video, UFO And Alien News.

The most peculiar object...a sphere...with outsider like properties is found in the patio of the Betz's family house. 

A family discovers a baffling apparently powerful circle amidst the forested areas with peculiar practices… 

Terry Betz was only a 21 year old pre-med understudy when he found the baffling shining curio, on his guardian's smoldered forest real esatate, on notable Fort George Island, on Florida's Bermuda coast. 

It was a glossy, metal circle, about the extent of a volleyball. It was exceedingly cleaned and flawlessly smooth with one and only special case: A modest triangular image scratched onto it's surface, which appeared to be attractive. 

It appeared the main heading the abnormal circle could have originated from, was up. Maybe it was some kind of satellite that had dropped from circle, however it hinted at no sear imprints from reentry. The late backwoods fire that uncovered it didn't appear to leave any smolder checks either. 

When they got the circle home they were stunned to see it begin vibrating as if a little engine were inside, and it moved all alone power as though investigating it's new surroundings, looking at the whole space for a few minutes, before coming back to it's beginning stage. At the point when put on a table top, it would move straight up to the edge and after that alter course to abstain from tumbling off, moving upwards when the table was tilted forward. 

It additionally responded to Terry's guitar playing by vibrating like a tuning fork, which exasperates the family pooch so much she would whine and recoil, covering her ears with her paws. The family soon began seeing the spooky sound of organ music playing all through the house, and entryways pummeling for no clear reason. 

The US Navy was welcome to break down the circle, who finished up, "They knew it wasn't theirs, yet there's absolutely something odd about it." Their most capable x-beams were not able infiltrate two inward centers of abnormal thickness inside the thick, stainless steel shell. They'd need to slice it open to look at it. 

Other logical analysts, including Project Blue Book consultant Dr. Allen Hynek, additionally inspected the circle and found it was discharging radio waves, and was transmitting a unimaginable attractive field that resisted cutting edge material science by fluctuating from numerous shafts. 

They likewise computed that the internal center must contain a component far heavier than the most radioactive component on Earth, and that if the circle was ever pierced, "maybe the masses would go basic' and blast like a nuclear bomb." Shortly after this declaration, the Betz family and the circle vanished, never to be gotten notification from again.